Domestic Voltage Optimisation

by Steve on October 22, 2010

New Vphase Website

Vphase are obviously keen to persuade homeowners to reduce their carbon emissions by installing their VX1 domestic unit and have now launched a new website which includes an energy savings calculator.
Vphase claim that their new Domestic Voltage Optimiser can reduce a home’s electricity bill by 10% but proving these claims is another matter.  However Vphase are going all out to provide as much information as possible and their website is full of useful articles for both potential domestic customers and installers.

Reviews of recent voltage optimisation trials and case studies of individual homes can help customers see how they could benefit from energy savings by having the VX1 installed. 

For installers there is a ‘Fitters Forum’ section with FAQ and technical information about the equipment can be viewed and downloaded.  Thre are still free installation courses available throughout the country which can be booked online.

A Source of work
Installing these new domestic voltage optimisation devices can be an extra source of work for electricians and customers can also find a local electrician through the Vphase website.

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Tony Edwards February 20, 2013 at 18:47

I had a VPhase voltage optimiser fitted in my house over a year ago,of course by a Part P electrician. Since then we have had nuisance RCD trips,two or three a week,before we had this unit installed we would have trips a couple of times a year. Particularly happens afternoons when the washing machine is in use and persistently happens if a recently bought TV with a 12 volt switching supply transformer is switched on in the afternoon,strangely no problem switched on early mornings. We are going to have the VPhase removed the ‘savings’ are not worth the hastle.

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