Report- How eNewsletters and Social Media Can Build Your Electrical Business

by Editor on July 31, 2013

Are You Well Connected To Your Customers?

If you’re not already building a list and using email to stay in regular contact with your customers then you are probably missing out on an easy way to consolidate and boost your business.

This report explains how regular communication with your past and new customers can give you the edge over your competition. You can also get some tips on how to integrate Facebook and Twitter and take a ‘Test Drive’ of emailing experts Awebers’ software to get your own campaign started.

How can using an email list help boost your income?

I’ve found that keeping in regular direct contact with my customers using email newsletters and updates is a very effective way of maintaining and building my business.  It gives me the advantage of staying ahead of the competition and reminds my clients that I’m the expert they need to turn to.

Nowdays most people have instant access to the internet via Smartphones and other mobile devices so it makes sense for any business to use email messages to keep their customers updated.

Here are some ideas you may find useful to grow your business and your income!

The Money Is In The List!

As you go through the regular activities of dealing with your customers, giving quotes and sending out invoices you’ll be amazed at how many people you actually come into contact with in the course of your business.

All of these people are potential customers but for one reason or another they may forget you, lose your details or not think of using your services again.  People will often say “I never knew you could do that” or “If only I’d remembered you when we did our last project!”.  These are examples of missed opportunities and those customers may be lost to you forever. You probably put a good deal of time and hard work into thinking of ways to attract new clients or advertizing so it’s crazy not to give them the opportunity to contact you you again when the need arises.

You’d probably like to think that you’ll always get return business from your customers, but don’t leave it to chance and give them a nudge and keep them updated every once in a while.

Maintaining relationships with both old and new potential clients is the key to being successful in business.  There’s a lot of competition out there but you could be one step ahead of your rivals if you had regular direct contact with your customers. That’s where making your email list work for you can give you a great advantage.

What can a simple email do?

Sometimes receiving emails can be a pain, but most people are happy to receive information that helps them in their lives.  When they get an email from their local electrician or corner shop they’ll probably be intrigued and interested to find out what you’re up to and ‘what’s on offer’. In today’s fast moving world things are always changing and there will always be something new for you to tell them about.

Many people now read their emails instantly on their mobile device and the great thing about this is that you can get direct access to your customers. Just think of the potential of being in regular contact with maybe 100s of your satisfied customers which immediately puts you one step ahead of the competition.

I’ve found that sending an email to my customers serves at least 3 purposes:

  1. Reminds them that YOU are a useful person that they can rely on (someone that they already know) and that YOU are the expert they can to turn to when they have a problem or need something fast.  After all you’re only an email or phone call away!
  2.  You’ll also be at the back of their mind when they’re talking to their friends and colleagues about their electrical problems, new house, home improvements or where they got a the best discount.
  3. Introduces them to the something new that you can offer them.  You are the expert on your business and to be successful you need to let people know what’s new. There’s always going to be something that people will be considering or want advice about and an email message can be a great way of pointing them in your direction.

A fast way to build your email list

Have you ever wondered why some stores ask for your email address when you make a purchase? They are list building. They want to stay in touch and get direct access to you. This gives them an advantage and keeps them ahead of the competition.

If your business relies on building relationships with people and on returning customers then using an email list effectively can boost your sales too.

You probably already have lots of customer contact info including their email addresses.  If you go through your lists of contacts on your computer, emails you’ve sent and received and on your mobile you’re sure to have a good amount to start with.  If you come across someone you consider to be a good customer but you don’t have their email address, then add their name to the list to remind you to ask them for it later.

Get them all in one big list on your computer.  An easy way of compiling your list would be to copying them from emails etc. and then pasting them into a spreadsheet. You’ll be surprised at how many you already have.  This will become a very valuable asset for you, so keep it safe and make sure you keep a copy!

What can you offer your customers in an email?

As I’ve mentioned above, an email is a great way to stay in contact with your customers and it can also be a way of building a feeling of trust. It beats cold advertising as you already have a relationship in place and best of all it’s free!

Every business has it’s own niche or speciality and regular emails can be used to keep your customers informed about your business and also introduce them to something new that you can offer such as:

  • A new or improved service that you may be able to provide.
  • Info on new technology ie. Have you heard about?…Energy Saving, Security Lighting/Alarms, Solar…
  • Your latest offers on products / consumables ie.  LED Lamps, Smoke Detectors…
  • Your latest offers on your services ie. Visual Electrical Inspection for £?, Safety / RCD Checks and tests, Consumer Unit Upgrades…
  • Your ideas and suggestions ie. Home improvements, Garden Lighting…

These are just a few ideas for starters and there are probably lots more that you could offer to boost your business to suit your particular field of expertise.

What’s the best way to run your Email Campaign?

An email campaign could be a one off event where you simply load all your addresses into your email browser, add a message and away you go.  This could work for you, but emailing to the whole of your list from your business (or personal) email account can be hard work and sometimes rather frustrating.

The solution to this is to use an automated email program.  This enables you to send out to many email addresses all at once without having your account blocked for ‘spamming’.  The best part is that you can also create a series of ready made emails for new customers which you can add to the list.  For example, you’ll visit a new customer and email them a quote (much quicker than by post) so now you’ve got their email address.  You’ll add their address to your automated system and in a day or so they’ll get their first introductory email following up your visit and asking if you can be of further service or offer them your mobile number again to contact you with any queries.

This is a great way of introducing yourself and your business. Customers will think that you’re very professional and it will set you apart from the competition especially if they are on the verge of deciding who to give the work to or spend their money with.

You can set ‘Follow Up’ emails to go out automatically every month or so without you having to a thing. The other type of email you can send is a ‘Broadcast’.  This is where you create a one off message which could be used to promote a specific time related piece of info, advice or an offer.

You can also ‘Segment’ your list which is extremely useful if you specialise in different types of work (domestic and commercial) and need to send a different message to each group of clients.

Essential Integration With Social Media

Social Media isn’t a replacement for email marketing but it can certainly give you more ‘fire power’ to connect with a larger audience.  Your customers may be split between Tweeters and Facebook users but they will all use email.

If you have a Website, Facebook Page or Twitter Followers you’re already a step ahead!  You’ll already have places where people who are interested in your business can go for information.

                                               Email + Social = Biggest Impact

By getting your Twitter Followers and Facebook Fans onto your email list you can pull all your marketing efforts together.

Tweeting & FB Posting

Tweets and Facebook features offer a good opportunity to get readers interested in what you are saying.  The secret is to post a snippet of info and then link them through to a main article where you’ll then offer to send regular updates directly to their inbox.  These forms could be placed on your website, blog and Facebook.

Question- It’s great having all these different forms of communication, but wouldn’t it be great if you could send out a single message to them all at once?

The Solution– Integrate your Twitter and Facebook accounts with your updates.

When you create a new email newsletter using Aweber simply check the box for ‘Enable Social Media/Sharing’. A link will be created to your new message in the Aweber Archive and that same link will be automatically posted to your Twitter and FB accounts. That’s one message broadcast to everyone in a single click!

Aweber uses Social Media Integration

Regular tweets and FB features are a perfect opportunity to direct readers to your email sign-up form where they can get your updates emailed directly to them.

It’s very easy to add an email list sign-up form to your FB Page using the Aweber Facebook App.

The Aweber Facebook Webform Sign-up App

Which Email software do I use?

I’ve been using the Aweber email software for several years with great results. They are experts in Email Marketing and have a reliable tried and tested system of taking you through each step to build your email campaigns and a reliable support team if you should ever need help.

Another good thing about the Aweber software is that is automatically gives your customers full control of whether they opt-in or out of your list. This gives you the confidence that everyone of your subscribers wants to receive your messages and that you’re not spamming anyone.

If you’re interested in finding out more then Aweber have a Free Test Drive’ offer which helps answer questions about how it all works and gives lots of info about how to use email marketing to best effect. You can use this form to start now:

“The Money Is In The List

AWeber proves it to thousands of businesses every day.

Learn how email marketing software
can get you more sales, too.

I hope this info helps you to stay better connected with your customers and builds your business and your income.

Find out more about Aweber Email Marketing Software.



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