18th Edition Updates- RCDs and Definitions

17 September 2017

What’s coming in the 18th Edition? – RCDs and new Definitions. The first update in a series covering some of the proposed changes and additions that are likely to be included in the 18th Edition Regs. It won’t be such a surprise when you sit the new 18th Edition if you’ve an idea of what’s in […]

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18th Edition Wiring Regs Preview

26 June 2017

The 18th Edition of the IET Wiring Regulations is proposed to be published in July 2018 and in force in January 2019. The significant changes from the 17th edition will cover: Protection Against Overvoltage- Lightning and required Risk Assessments Protection Against Fire- AFDDs Heating Cables and Embedded Heating Systems- Documentation and Metallic Grid Energy Efficiency- […]

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Max Earth Loop Zs for MCBs Tables- Download

30 March 2016

Online reference for maximum permissible earth loops for MCBs & RCBOs. The file can be viewed or downloaded. Here’s the link: Max Zs Values for MCBs & RCBOs About Max Zs The values given in this table are for maximum permissible measured earth fault loop impedances or Zs for each circuit as per Table B6 […]

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Practical Guide to Inspection, Testing & Certification of Electrical Installations Review- Chris Kitcher

17 February 2016

Chris Kitcher’s 17th edition amendment 3 updated- Practical Guide to Inspection, Testing & Certification of Electrical Installations is an essential read for any electrician. A companion website to this book includes video footage, multiple choice questions and further supporting material- There are more useful videos on Chris Kitcher’s YouTube Channel Here are a selection of the areas […]

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Metal CUs Update

29 December 2015

Confused about the Amendment 3 metal consumer unit regs? Although I’ve been installing them since July 2015, Hagar’s recent feature in PE magazine and the videos below will help to dispell any misconceptions and they’ve also set me right on a few things. Here’s a quick look at recommendations for installation of non-combustible consumer unit […]

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Tech Talks 2015-2016

28 August 2015

 Award-winning Tech Talks are back Award-winning TechTalks will be back touring the UK from October. The eighth series of TechTalks include half a day of seminars on the latest industry trends and technical topics, helping you get to grips with what is important for your everyday job. Hosted by ELECSA and NICEIC’s Tony Cable and […]

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Digital Online Regs- Review

27 July 2015

Electricians can now access the digital BS7671 online Wiring Regulations and supporting guides. You can subscribe to get the online Regs and all associated content direct from the IET’s ES Plus platform. See my customer review of the Digital Regs down the page or find out more here- Digital Online Regs. What A Waste Of Paper! […]

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Problems of Metal Consumer Unit on TT Supply- Video

22 April 2015

Here’s a very informative video from John Ward about the problems of installing a metal consumer unit on a TT supply. The problem Should a fault occur between line and earth on the supply side of a TT system, due to the high earth loop impedance (resistance back to the supply transformer) it will not cause a high enough current […]

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