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BS7671 | Electrician's Blog - Part 2


Digital Online Regs- Review

27 July 2015

Electricians can now access the digital BS7671 online Wiring Regulations and supporting guides. You can subscribe to get the online Regs and all associated content direct from the IET’s ES Plus platform. See my customer review of the Digital Regs down the page or find out more here- Digital Online Regs. What A Waste Of Paper! […]

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Problems of Metal Consumer Unit on TT Supply- Video

22 April 2015

Here’s a very informative video from John Ward about the problems of installing a metal consumer unit on a TT supply. The problem Should a fault occur between line and earth on the supply side of a TT system, due to the high earth loop impedance (resistance back to the supply transformer) it will not cause a high enough current […]

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New Reg 421.1.201- Metal Consumer Units

30 October 2014

This post highlights some of the main points and concerns regarding the 17th Edition  Amendment 3 reg 421.1.201 about the use of metal consumer units (non-combustible enclosures). Picture of fire damage caused by loose wiring connections. Fire Brigade Lobbying The London Fire Brigade consider consumer units in domestic installations to be a high fire risk as the […]

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17th- Amendment 3 The Changes Update

25 October 2014

This post updated June 2015. The 3rd amendment to the 17th edition of the wiring regulations BS7671 was published in January 2015 and any installations designed after June 2015 must comply. Check out price to buy at Amazon BS7671 Amendment 3. Make sure you order the new yellow book and not the Amd 2 green […]

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Top 5 Things to Check in a New House

21 December 2013

There are so many things that can potentially go wrong with a house purchase, especially in regards to the building structure and services. Sometimes a property may appear perfectly adequate during early buying stages but deficiencies may be discovered after further investigation. A professional home surveyor can conduct all the important checks on your behalf, […]

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17th edition Dom Inst Qualification Changes

27 November 2012

Why It’s Important to Take Your 17th Edition by April 2013! If you’re intending to register as a self-cert domestic electrician in the New Year you should act now to make sure you get in before the deadline. Here Gary Pratten explains why. 17th edition wiring regulations courses are amongst the most popular in the […]

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Should PAT tests include checking of plugtops for correct fusing?

13 August 2012

I asked this question about checking plug top fuses to the PAT tester group.  I received some informative replies I thought would be worth posting the on the blog… Question Should all PAT tests include checking of plug tops for correct fusing? I carried out a recent EICR and was shown several years worth of PAT […]

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Regs Sales Low

20 June 2012

The sales of Electrical Regs books are low according to the ECA.  Apparently only 66,000 copies of the latest edition of BS7671 have been purchased since its publication in July 2011. There are approximately 270,000 electricians in the UK. Does that mean that there are 200,000 electricians who don’t feel the need to upgrade or not […]

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