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by Steve on January 1, 2009

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Michael Fillion January 22, 2013 at 04:57

Dear Sir,

I live in a remote part of Madagascar, that doesn’t electricity. Ihave a 21 KVA 3 phase generator and have wired it to the house and the machine shop.
The problem is that we don’t always draw the full 21 KVA’s and have to repair the gen/fields because they overheat with lack of current draw.
I was thinking of creating some kind of automated system that would switch between appliances and a security lighting system.
When I’m working with the lathe or the milling machine there’s no problem, but when I don’t use them I have a surplus of power with no outlet.
the house uses an average of 7 KVA per day, the biggest problem is at night when not much current is being drawn, fridge, freezer, clim and the odd light.
Is it possible to make a distribution boardthat will detect when an appliance switches of and redirect the current to say a high power lighting system and then redirect the current to the fridge or freezer when it switches back on.
I am not an electrician, but have a reasonnable knowledge of electricity, I used to do hot water system instalations and repairs ( single and three phases).
I would appriciate any help or advice that you could give me, I have tried several blogs but no one has bothered to reply.

Sincerely yours.

Hi Michael

This sounds like a good question to put to the forums:

All the best Steve.

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