Bonding in a Bathroom?

by Steve on May 4, 2009



Do I need to carry out supplementary bonding in a bathroom?


Maybe not.

On-Site Guide section 8 states that:

Supplementary bonding is required by BS7671 701.415.2 in Special Locations.


However, supplementary bonding may be omitted where all of the following conditions are met:

  1. Disconnection time of 0.2 for, TT 0.4 for TN BS7671 411.3.2

  2. Protection by RCD BS7671 701.411.3.3 then 415.1.1 (30mA)

  3. Main earth connection and Main bonding of gas and water, metal waste pipes etc. BS7671 411.3.1.2


Note: Metal waste pipes must be bonded to the main earthing terminal as they are extraneous conductive parts.


Source information:

On-Site Guide section 8




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