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by Steve on May 14, 2009

Here’s an overview about Part P of the Building Regs and how self-certification of electrical works by domestic installers can benefit householders. There’s also some info about Defined Scope Part P for non-electricians who carry out electrical installation.

From 1st January 2005 the Building Regulations were ammended so that it became illegal to carry out certain categories of electrical work in domestic properties unless the installer was qualified to do so.

To self-certify their own work and comply with Part P, the installer now has to be a member of an electrical Competent Person’s scheme. If they are not, then the installation needs to be tested and certified by local Building Control inspectors.

Part P

The Building Regulations are managed by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG). Part P is an amendment of the Building Regulations introduced by the government, effective from January 1st 2005.

The Part P requirement is that “Reasonable provision shall be made in the design and installation of electrical installations in order to protect persons operating, maintaining or altering the installations from fire or injury.”

In short, electrical installations must be safe! Part P applies to fixed electrical installations in dwellings (including gardens and shared amenities in blocks of flats) and affects many of the typical jobs undertaken by electricians, particularly work carried out in kitchens and bathrooms.

Work affected by Part P is subject to notification to, and inspection by, building control bodies. However, calling in a building control officer takes time and costs money. The solution to this problem is self-certification by domestic electrical installers. This could include trades persons other than electricians under limited or Defined Scope Part P (see below).

Part P Competent Person Schemes like ELECSA were introduced at the same time as Part P to permit firms that had been assessed as competent, to self-certify that their work complies with all applicable requirements of the Building Regulations.

Self-certification benefits the householder because by using a Competent Person they don’t have to pay building control fees or submit a building notice. In addition, householders have the important reassurance that by using a Competent Person, they are using a firm that has been independently assessed and certified as competent to carry out the work.

In addition, all authorised Competent Persons schemes are required to give the customers of their registered installer firms the opportunity to purchase an insurance backed warranty against the risk that the work carried out does not comply with the Building Regulations.

For the firm registered with a competent person scheme such as ELECSA, notifying the work to building control is done through their scheme provider. The contractor provides the details of the work done to the scheme provider who then notifies the local building control department and issues a building compliance certificate to the householder.

Defined / Limited Scope Part P

The part P legislation not only covers electricians but also other trade persons who would carry out domestic electrical installation jobs such as plumbers and kitchen fitters. Non electrical trades persons can undertaken training and assessment to self-certify their own electrical work under Part P ‘Defined Scope’ schemes. This limits them to being able to issue certificates and register jobs for smaller domestic installations like kitchens and bathrooms.

For further information about how Part P affects householders, please visit http://www.elecsa.org.uk/householder.aspx

For further information about how electricians can comply with Part P by registering with ELECSA, please visit http://www.elecsa.org.uk/assessment_help.aspx

Authorised Competent Persons Schemes are operated by:
BRE Certification Limited and the Electrical Contractors’ Association
0870 609 6093

Elecsa Limited
0845 634 9043

Napit Registration Ltd.
0870 4441392 or 01623 811483

NICEIC Group Ltd
0870 013 0382

BSI British Standards Institution 01442 278577

Part P of the Building Regulations can be viewed and downloaded from:




Can I issue a Part P & Installation Certificate for other peoples work?

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