Passionate About Lighting

by Steve on June 5, 2009


Passionate About Lighting


After enquiring about the new Low Energy Lighting options offered by Aurora, Adam and I were invited by director Stephen Hurrell, to visit the Aurora Lighting Showroom at Welwyn Garden City.


Stephen told us that Aurora was started in 2000 by a group of electricians who wanted to offer an alternative to the ‘biscuit ring’ type of recessed light fittings that were commonplace at the time.


Unimpressed with the ‘sprung wire’ lamp clips and unreliable transformers on the 12 volt versions they wanted to offer a reliable and easy to install product at a reasonable price.


Stephen said “Generally, the recessed lighting products that we came across as electricians were not very good. Lamps were not easy to change and many of the electronic transformers ran very hot and sometimes melted!

Our new fittings were designed to make changing of the lamps much easier and our transformers would be much more reliable and run at a lower temperature.

Overcoming these problems was a challenge but things have moved on a lot in the past nine years and we now have to make our fittings compliant with more new Building and Fire Regulations”.


To comply with current stringent regulations, manufacturers must produce fittings that comply with the current Building and Fire Regulations:


  • Part B – Fire Barrier Integrity

  • Part C – Resistant to Contamination & Moisture

  • Part E – Acoustics

  • Part L1A – Air Leakage


Stephen told us of his company’s passion for lighting which was evident from his enthusiastic presentation when we visited the Aurora Showroom.

We are very proud of our showroom and welcome contractors to visit and bring there clients here. It’s the best way to demonstrate how the fittings perform in different scenarios. Aurora now have over 4000 products including LED, Low Energy, Commercial and Exterior ranges”.


We were both very impressed by the various displays which demonstrated the effects of the many types of lamps and fittings available from Aurora. The different settings included a blank room with different lighting modes, many application demos from stairs, shelving and effects with glass and also an outdoor garden lighting display including water features.


The displays gave us some good ideas of applications for different types of fittings that we had only previously seen in the Aurora catalogue. The most impressive being the many types of wall and track fittings, amazing sticky back LED strips and the effects created on glass panels and surfaces.


We asked Stephen whether the new Low Energy Lamps had improved in light output. We were shown a demonstration of the latest 13watt Compact Fluorescent (CFL) GUF Lamps in comparison with standard 12 volt 50 watt halogen. The light outputs are very similar although the Low Energy did not have the punch of the halogen. A vast improvement over past CFL lamps which often took several minutes to reach full brightness.


Stephen told us “We have been working towards improving the light output and start-up time of our CFLs and are very pleased with the performance of the new 13watt GUF.

CFL will never be able to create the same effects as halogen but they are now ideal for many ‘general purpose’ recessed lighting applications and can be used to compliment halogen lighting installations”.


Aurora’s Lighting Showroom is a great idea and we will certainly be recommending that our clients visit to experience the range of lighting available.


We have since installed 13watt CFLs together with 12volt 50watt halogens and our customers were pleased with the combined lighting effect.

With Low Energy Lighting now a requirement of the Building Regulations Part L it is good to have an alternative to 50watt halogens with a similar light output.


Aurora Lighting



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Link to: City Electrical Factors– suppliers of Aurora & Low Energy Lighting products. Lighting design specialists.






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