Recessed Downlights

by Steve on June 5, 2009

Recessed Downlights

As electrical contractors we regularly install 12 volt recessed downlights and needed to find a reliable and reasonably priced product.

We have found that sticking to one familiar core product makes life easier.


When installing recessed downlights the following are essential to us:

  • Knowing the lighting effect created by a particular type of lamp

  • Knowing the size of hole cut-out for type of fitting to be used

  • The hole cut-out being large enough to get your hand up to feel for obstructions etc. (When no access from above on 2nd fix).


We have found that Aurora lighting products offer the quality that our clients expect.

The reliability of their dimmers and transformers gives us the confidence of installing a product that will do the job.


The following Fire & Building Regulations need to be taken into account when installing recessed downlights

  • Part B – Fire Barrier Integrity

  • Part C – Resistant to Contamination & Moisture

  • Part E – Acoustics

  • Part L1A – Air Leakage

(See the links below to download these Building Regs.)


Latest advances

Lamp technology is fast changing the types and styles of lamp available.

With millions of Recessed Downlights already installed it is reassuring to know that retrofit lamps are now available as ‘Higher Efficiency’ and ‘Low Energy’ options.


Alternatives to 12volt MR16 & GU10 standard dichroics

MR16 (12v 50w) Dichroic

35watt Dichroic Dimmable Edison EDM281ESL has same light output & longer life than standard 12 v 50w

2.3 watt LED Non-Dimmable Edison EDLED/MR16XHO. (24x LEDS)

Equivalent light output to 20w halogen.


Alternatives to GU10 (230v 50w)

13 watt CFL Non-dimmable Edison EDGU10/13/84. CFL replacement for standard GU10.

2.3 watt LED Non-dimmable Edison EDLED/PAR16XHO. (24xLEDS)

Equivalent light output to 20w halogen


Aurora’s latest solution to the Part L requirement is the 230 volt 13 watt compact fluorescent lamp the ‘AU-GUF 4013/30’ which fits an SGU10 lampholder. This lamp would normally be installed in a fire rated recessed downlighter requiring a 90mm diameter cut-out which is only 5mm larger than standard fire rated adjustable (DLL992) size. It complies with a light output of 40 lumens per circuit watt as required by the new regulations and is considerably brighter than the smaller 13 watt GUF lamps. Almost the same light output as a 50watt halogen.


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