We use A Payroll Provider

by Steve on July 9, 2009

We use A Payroll Provider


We pay our Subcontractors using Epay via a Payroll Provider and have found it an easy and efficient way to manage payments to Sub-Conrtractors .


How does it work?

When we enrolled we were sent a disc to load the appropriate Epay programme on our computer.

To pay our subcontractors each week we simply enter their payment details into their file in the programme and print off a payment notification for our records. Then, at the push of a button, we transmit the information to our Payroll Provider online.

Our subcontractors are then paid on their designated Payday by the Payroll Provider and we are sent an invoice for the service.


The whole process takes literally minutes and costs £15 plus VAT for each payment, which we consider gives us excellent value and peace of mind.

No Risk

We no longer run the risk of prosecution by the HMRC for employing Self Employed Subcontractors.

Our Payroll Provider offers its clients a full guarantee backed by an indemnity against a tax/employment law challenge.


We are pleased to recommend this method of payroll to other businesses in the building trade.


Steve Kirby

SPK Electricare


If you would like more information on how Contractors and Sub-Contractors can benefit from using a Payroll Provider & Epay, then simply contact me using the ‘Contact Steve’ link (top right of this page) including your name, company name and telephone number.  

You will then be contacted by Epay and sent an information pack.



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