Big Red Book Review

by Steve on September 27, 2009


Big Red Book Review


BS 7671

BS 7671

 BS 7671:2008

What were your thoughts when you first encountered The Big Red Book?


Our Amazon reviewers made the following observations:


1001 ways to use an RCD

A murder mystery where people and livestock are getting murdered all across Europe. Only one man can stop it – the RCD! With the help of his partner equipotential bonding, they trawl through the regulations and fight against needless bureaucracy.

Just wait until the sequel where they find out the RCD is actually a drug addict and keeps tripping out!


Put simply, this book is the most compulsive reading matter I`ve come across since, erm … The 16th Edition – & that was a right Corker.


For your money (alot of money at that) you get page after page of regulations that you will probably never know, but possibly may need one day (but probably never will).



What!  Not got your own copy yet.  Hurry to

 It’s great to be an electrician.  But it ain’t easy.

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KevSpark October 15, 2009 at 19:10

A cracking read. If you’ve got insomnia.
thanks for the articles.

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