Can I issue Part P & Installation Certificates for other peoples work?

by Steve on September 8, 2009


Can I issue Part P & Installation Certificates for other peoples work?

Section 1.28 of Approved Document P DID actually clearly state that a 3rd party may not issue an Installation Certificate.


Part-P-notifiable-Electrical-WorksAn installer who is not a registered competent person may now use a registered 3rd party to certify notifiable electrical installation work as an alternative to a Local Area Building Control body.

Previously, an electrical contractor undertaking work covered by Part P, but who was not registered with a competent person scheme, was required to notify their local authority’s building control – who could then determine if the work was acceptable under the regulations.

Under the new regulations those carrying out the work but who are not registered with a competent person scheme will have to get the work signed off by a registered third party. The NICEIC say that this potentially could create a new stream of work for registered electricians, however, non- registered electricians must continue to notify their work to the LABC prior to commencement until such time as the ‘3rd party certification’ scheme has been defined and in operation.

A suitable system for approving individuals to carry out certification has yet to be defined along with a form or certificate so this work can be carried out.

Please check for updates and changes in the near future…

Download Approved Document P at:

More info on Part P of The Building Regulations.

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James August 17, 2011 at 06:30

It is worth noting that both BS7671 and the Building regulations state that inspection and testing can only be performed by competent persons. The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 state that persons need to be competent to undertake electrical work. This means having the necessary relevant technical knowledge, relevant skills and relevant experience of the installation.

Unless you have been involved in the design and or build of an installation you can not be competent and therefore are unable to certify the installation. There is no qualification in existance that enables you to turn up and certify someone else’s work unless they have been working under your supervision or you have full technical knowledge and experience of what has been installed and how.

Alan Bower August 15, 2011 at 16:57

How do building control get around this then because they have nobody themselves who can do this and so I believe, they have to get an electrical company in to carry out the Part P for them.

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