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by Steve on November 1, 2009

Converting from Amps & KVA for AC installations

To Find AC
Single-Phase Three-Phase
Amps when Kilowatts are known Kw x 1000
Divided by
V x pf
Kw x 1000
Divided by
1.73 x V x pf
Amps when KVA are known KVA x1000 Divided by
KVA x 1000 Divided by
1.73 x V
Kilowatts I x V x pfDivided by
1.73 x I x V x pfDivided by
KVA when Amps are known I x V
Divided by
1.73 x I x V
Divided by

I = Amps; V = Volts; pf = Power Factor; KVA = Kilovolt-amperes;

Kw = Kilowatts

(The industry standard ‘rule-of-thumb’ is to allow for a power factor of 60%, which can be used as an average power factor for design purposes.  This would be a figure of 0.6 in the above equations).


KVA and Power Factor (pf)


KVA is kilo Volt-Amps (or Volts times Amps divided by 1000)


KW stands for kilowatts, and PF stands for the Power Factor.

If watts is Volts x Amps, what is VA?

In DC circuits the Volts and Amps are in phase.

ie. There is no alternating current. Just a straight line for Volts and Amps.

The concept however has been extended to AC power.

For DC circuits: VA = Watts

In AC, if the volts and amps are not precisely in phase you have to calculate the watts by multiplying the volts times the amps at each moment in time and take the average over time.

This is where Power Factor is taken into account.

For AC circuits: VA x PF = Watts

Source information: Many thanks to Power Stream

Convert KVA to Amps using an Electrical App.

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