Building Regs Part M

by Steve on November 8, 2009

Access to Equipment and Accessories

Reference to:

Regs  132.12

Building Regs Part M

BS7671 132.12 refers to the accessibility of electrical equipment for operation, repair, inspecting and testing.

The placing of Isolators and Switches is also covered by 132.15.1

including Motors 132.15.2 .



Building Regs  Part M

Access to and use of Buildings

Part M states that reasonable provision should be made to ensure that electrical accessories are easily accessible by people whose reach is limited.

This includes mounting heights of switches, sockets and consumer units.


As detailed in Electrician’s Guide to the Building Regulations a way of complying is to install all switches & sockets between

450 and 1200mm from finished floor.


Due to the sensitivity of circuit breakers and RCDs, consumer units should also be mounted so as to be readily accessible to all. 

This would usually be 1200mm to the top.


Part M applies to all new dwellings. 

Rewires do not need to comply, providing the installation is made no worse.


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