What is an Energy Efficient Light Fitting?

by Steve on November 5, 2009

What is an Energy Efficient Light Fitting?


As far as the Building regulations are concerned an Energy Efficient Light Fitting can only accept lamps with a luminous efficacy exceeding 40 lumens per circuit watt.


Circuit watts include the power consumed by both lamps and control gear including power factor correction equipment.


A dedicated low energy light fitting will only accept low energy light bulbs. It’s not physically possible to install a normal incandescent bulb because the lamp holders have a different type of connection.


The current building regulations (part L) require dedicated low energy lighting to be installed in at least 25% of habitable rooms.


Lampholders that accept ES or BC lamps are not normally accepted as meeting this requirement.

The lamp holder must not be able to accept a lamp of lesser efficiency than that specified.




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Daryl @ electrician Sarasota FL October 14, 2013 at 13:41

It’s nice to see that we are moving in a direction of conservation of energy. I think it will help businesses and residences save on costs. Building homes with plenty of natural lighting would be a great help too.

James August 17, 2011 at 06:54

In the latest version of the building regulations (2010) Approved Document L was again updated. The requirements for energy efficient fitting has now increased to three out of every four light fitting need to be energy efficient, (so now 75%). In addition to this the efficacy has increased to a minimum of 45 Lumens per circuit Watt.

You need to remember two simple factors that non frequented rooms such as storage spaces, garages and lofts are not included in the count. The fittings counted are only of the extension or rewire, or of the new circuit being added.

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