Barriers and Enclosures

by Steve on December 7, 2009

Barriers and Enclosures


Reference to:

Regs  416  421.7   526.5  530.4.1


416  Provisions for Basic Protection

    ie. Protection against direct contact with live parts.


416.2.1 Live parts must be enclosed within enclosures or

behind barriers providing protection of at least IPXXB or IP2X.


These International Protection Codes refer to live parts not being able to be touched by a ‘British Standard Finger’ :


The size of the British Standard Finger is 12.5mm in diameter by 80mm in length according to the IP codes BS EN 60529 Specification for degrees of protection provided by enclosures.


416.2.4 Refers to the opening of enclosures or barriers using a key or tool.

The note refers to items which are not covered by this regulation:

Ceiling Rose, Pull Switch, Bayonet Lampholder and ES Lampholder.


526.5  Joints or terminations of live conductors (including neutral) must be within enclosures.


526.6 & 530.4.1  Cables and connections must not be subject to any mechanical stress or strain.

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