Frequency or Intervals for Inspection and Testing

by Steve on December 8, 2009

Frequency or intervals of Inspection and Testing


Reference to:  Regs:  622 & Guidance Notes 3

The frequency or interval until the next electrical Periodic Inspection or Condition Report (EICR) after initial verification, should be decided by the Inspector.  It should be determined by taking into account:

  • The type of installation
  • Use and operation
  • Quality and frequency of maintenance
  • External influences on the installation such as weather wear & tear or vandalism
  • As an installation becomes older the intervals between electrical inspections could become shorter.

Recommendations for periods between Periodic Inspections/ Condition Reports from initial verification:

  • Domestic Installations – 10 years (Rented Properties- at each change of tenancy)
  • Commercial Installations – 5 years.
  • Industrial Installations – 3 years.
  • Buildings open to the public – 1 year.
  • External Installations – 3 years.
  • Caravan Parks – 1 year.
  • Swimming Pools – 1 year
  • Fire Alarms – 1 year.
  • Short Term Installations – 3 months.
  • Construction Site Installations – 3 months.

Subsequent intervals after the first Periodic Inspection will depend on varying circumstances.  The inspector should judge all the factors which affect the condition of the electrical installation and take into account any observations and recommendations which were made during the current inspection.

Refer to Guidance Note 3 for further information regarding intervals between inspections and condition reports. 


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