Identifying and Organisation of Wiring

by Steve on December 7, 2009

Identifying and Organisation of Wiring


Reference to:

Regs  514    OSG app 11 Table 11A, 


Regs Table 51   OSG app 11 Table 11A

The Colours and Alphanumeric Identifiers to be used.


Regs app 7 Table 7A,B,C&D   

Harmonized Colours & interface for alterations


Regs app 7E

DC installations harmonized & interface



Regs 514.1.2  Refers to requirements for labelling of switchgear and controlgear.


514.1.2   Refers to marking and arrangement of wiring.

An example would be wiring terminated in a distribution board which should be clearly labelled and organised in a manner which would not cause confusion and danger to others carrying out future works.

Also correct identification of cores at junctions and lives at switches.


514.3.1  Cable cores should be identified by colour or number.


514.4.1  Neutral as Blue   Grey marked as Blue.


514.4.2  Earth as Green and Yellow.



PEN as Green and Yellow throughout length and Blue at terminals or Blue throughout length and Green and Yellow at terminals.


514.6  Where identification is not required.


Also see Barriers and Enclosures


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