Voltage Optimization Trial

by Steve on January 2, 2010

Voltage Optimization Trial

Southern Electric has commenced UK trials of Voltage Optimisation into households under the UK government’s Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (CERT) programme.


The three month trial will see the new voltage optimisation device from VPhase installed into approximately 50 Southern Electric customer homes across Berkshire.


The low cost smart technology from VPhase uses voltage optimisation technology to reduce the incoming voltage and manage it to a stable level; 220V in the UK.


Findings will indicate the reduction of electricity usage and determine the level of lifetime carbon dioxide savings that can be claimed by utility companies from the installation of Voltage Optimisation Units.


This results in reductions to electricity costs, energy wasting and carbon emissions from generation sources.


Units costing around £300 can be fitted by a qualified electrician and once installed require no maintenance.


Volunteer homeowners taking part in the trial will have a VPhase unit fitted next to their consumer unit by electricians from Southern Electric Contracting, as well as a new generation smart meter and data logging equipment.


The trial is being backed by the industry regulator OFGEM, and Southern Electric will monitor the devices to assess the success of the project.


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