Voltage Variation Tests

by Steve on January 2, 2010

Voltage Variation Tests


With the government keen to reduce energy consumption across the board to meet CO2 targets, we are sure to see many new innovations over the coming years.


Voltage Optimisation Devices are used to regulate mains voltage to a stable level, normally 220V in the UK and are being trialled in households as a possible energy saving tool.


Will they do the job?

The use of Voltage Optimisation Devices has been commonplace in commercial and industrial installations for several years but many doubt if they would make a difference in a domestic setting.

Could they prove to be another money wasting gadget?


Appliances with motors that are optimised for 220V running could benefit.  These may include fridges, freezers and washing machines but some motors are more efficient at higher voltages.


The debate continues as the trial continues but you may be interested to read a 2004 Australian study on

The Effects of Voltage Variation on the Power Consumption of Domestic Appliances.


The results reveal that although supply voltage variations may affect power consumption, the use of certain modern appliances will ensure that the overall change in energy cost can be minimal.


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