Where to site fire detectors

by Steve on January 15, 2010


Bedrooms and Living Rooms.  Attics and Cellars.


Optical or Photoelectric

Hallways and Landings



Kitchens and Garages

Detectors should be sited on the ceiling, close enough to a potential source of fire so they can respond quickly.

Smoke Alarms in all new and refurbished dwellings should, at least, meet the following requirements:

  • On each storey of a multi-storey dwelling.
  • Within 7.5m of any door to a room where a fire is likely to start.
  • 3m from bedroom doors so that they can be more easily heard if a fire should occur during the night.
  • Must be at least 300mm from a wall, corner or light fitting.
  • On sloping ceilings sensors must be 900mm (horizontally) from apex.

  • All Smoke and Heat Alarms in the dwelling should be interconnected

BS 5839: Pt6 broadly supports the above recommendations for alarm systems in existing dwellings.


How do Fire Detectors Work?



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