Maintenance Free Connections

by Steve on February 21, 2010


Maintenance Free Connections

It never has been ‘best practice’ to install cable joints at inaccessible locations such as under floorboards, underground or at high level and common sense tells us that maintenance free connections are always best.

As electricians we spend our lives figuring out the best way to route our cables so as to eliminate joints, but sometimes there is no alternative, especially where we are asked to carry out alterations.

Accessibility of joints

All electrical connections and terminations must be accessible for inspection for obvious reasons.

This generally concerns all screwed type connections at accessories, joints and junctions.

BS7671 does not define ‘Accessible’ and therefore this is open to interpretation.

For example- Is a joint under a floorboard or carpet ’accessible’ ? .

There are interpretations to suit any argument.

Screwless Terminations

Reg 526.3 also states exemptions such as crimped or soldered joints.

Screwless or PushWire terminations are also maintenance free and are a good alternative to traditional screwed terminal junction boxes due to their ease of installation even where they are assessable for inspection.

Junction or joint boxes must also include means of securing cables to prevent mechanical damage as per Regs 526.6 & 530.4.1 .

Many traditional junction boxes do not have a built in cable retainer and those that do often use time consuming screw type grips.

New products are now available which have both pushwire maintenance free terminals and screwless cable clamps.

The current pioneers in this area are Hagar/Ashley and Wago.

Hagar/Ashley Guide to Junction Boxes

Wago PushWire Connectors and Wagobox

The Wagobox Enclosure

The Wagobox accepts Wago 222 & 773 Series terminal blocks which can first be connected outside of the box.  This eliminates the time consuming fiddling about trying to get the cables cut to size and into position inside a small space.  Watch the video…

Installing the Wagobox

Have you used these products?

Your comments?


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brian mullins March 29, 2012 at 22:16

best jb on the market.use the connector blocks in drum fittings.they dont overheat like the traditional connector blocks

Paul Reeves June 27, 2010 at 21:58

The wago box looks good, how does it compare price wise with standard JB’s
Regards Paul R

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