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by Steve on February 27, 2010

Super Rod Cable Installation Tools

Super Rod’s range of  labour saving tools are designed to meet the needs of electricians and related trades involved with the installation of cables. The products can save time, reduce frustration and increase productivity. Watch this Super Rod demo video to see how Super Rod products can make an electrician’s life easier and get wiring jobs done faster. I’ve also include some info about the Super Rod Cable Jack which uses the storage tube as a cable reel support.

Super Rod Cable Jack

Super Rod Cable Jack

Super Rod Cable Jack

The Cable Jack is an innovative cable spooling device. It uses your existing 44mm Cable Rod tube, along with metal collars and legs, to form an ‘A’ frame. You can use this frame as a lightweight spooler for small domestic jobs. The two metal collars slide onto the 44mm tube. You can leave them in place and slide rolls of cable over the assembly. Then, by screwing the legs into the collars, you lift the rolls off the ground allowing them to turn freely. This is a seriously clever product. You are taking the Cable Rod tube with you onto site, so why not add in this extra functionality!

The Super Rod Cable Jack Story

NICEIC registered electrician James White, has developed an innovative tool in conjunction with the Queens Awards winning tool manufacturer Super Rod Ltd.

James of Sheldon Electrical Ltd, had the spark of innovation when working on site, trying to manage multiple reels of cable. He realised that, with a few modifications and additions, one of Super Rod’s Cable Rod sets could be turned into an ‘A-frame’, and used to ‘spool’ the cable reels.

James took a typically British approach and went to his garden shed to fabricate the solution. A few hours and cups of tea later, and the Cable Jack was born!

Commenting on his invention, James said: “Nearly every ‘Spark’ I know has a set of Cable Rods for installing cable; now they can also have the added bonus of a cable spooler. Electricians would use Cable Jack as its useful, quick and safe, and they won’t trip over any more cable!”

Faced with the problem of getting his new product made, James decided to approach Super Rod directly. Malcolm Duncan, Managing Director of the Welsh based manufacturer loved the idea, instantly seeing its potential. Malcolm commented: “The UK economy is driven by innovation. We encourage feedback from our customers as it really helps to develop our products, and just occasionally, someone will develop a brilliant idea like the Cable Jack.”

Together, they finalised the design of the product, and are currently in the process of launching Cable Jack in electrical wholesalers throughout the UK.

If you would like to learn more about the products, or would like some advice on making your good ideas a reality, visit the Super Rod web site at

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