Video- Chris Kitcher Interview

by Steve on March 7, 2010

An Interview with Chris Kitcher

Chris Kitcher is a lecturer in electrical installation at Central Sussex College and is the author of several text books on the subject.

In this interesting video interview Chris shares his views and experiences which include:

  • Advice for budding electricians
  • Areas where he struggled as a student and what helped him through
  • The future of the electrical industry including renewable energy
  • About his books and the process of learning

Other books by Chris Kitcher:
Electrical Installation Calculations Volume 1: v. 1
Electrical Installation Calculations Volume 2: v. 2

To find instructional videos by Chris and others visit the Resources Archive.

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RICHARD LEWIS December 22, 2011 at 18:26

Hi Mr Kitcher. I am contacting you for the reason of the book A. J. Watkins C. Kitcher electrical installations calculations advanced ex2 Q5, A reactor allows a current of 15Amps to flow from a 230v 50Hz supply determine the current which will flow at the same voltage if the frequency changes to (a) 45Hz , (b) 55Hz. ignore the resistance. The Answers in the book are for (a) 15.97Amps and (b) 13.07Amps. Please can you explain how you got the answer as I keep geting for (a) 15.34Amps and (b) 15.12Amps. The calculations i used to get the answer for (a) is 230/15=15.3, 15.3/(2×3.142×45)=0.053, 2×3.142x45x0.053=14.99, 230/14.99=15.34Amps. and for (b) is 230/15=15.3, 15.3/(2×3.142×55)=0.044, 2×3.142x55x0.044=15.21 230/15.21=15.12Amps. Can you please explain where I am going wrong and show me how you calculated the answer please. Thank you for your help in this matter

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