Feed-In Tariffs

by Steve on April 1, 2010


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 Feed-in Tariffs (FITs) are financial support measures introduced by the government to increase the uptake of small-scale renewable generation.

Renewables eligible under FITs are Solar, Small Wind, Small Hydro and  Anaerobic Digestion  (Biogas).

 The tariffs are for 20 years with 25 years for solar.

As well as eventually providing payback for the installation, the feed-in tariff scheme provides three key benefits for anyone installing microgeneration.

Guaranteed premium payment for all electricity produced.
Guaranteed price for any electricity exported onto the electricity network.  (This will depend on the amount electricity generated).
Onsite usage of generated electricity, therefore reducing the amount purchased from an electricity supplier.


Which systems are eligible for FITs?
Systems installed between 15.07.09 and 01.04.10 will be eligible to receive FITs.

All customers installing during this period must be registered under Renewable Obligation.

As a registered generator, customers will be able to receive Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROC) payments for any electricity generated during his period.

Systems installed before 15.07.09 can still receive FITs at a lower rate.

After 1 April 2010 existing registered customers will be automatically transferred over to the feed-in tariff and the FIT applied for generation after that date.

Systems installed after April 2010 will be registered by an accredited body in order to qualify for feed-in tariffs. Customers must then approach their supplier to begin receiving FIT payments.

How much will a FIT Tariff be worth?
According to the FIT website, an average household generating 2,500kWh could benefit by almost £1,000 per year.

For more details visit the FIT website.


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Rupert Armstrong Evans April 1, 2010 at 15:52

It may be a bonanza for the small number of multi-national PV panel builders but it’s also the death knoll of the small UK renewable design and manufacturing businesses. I have fought hard for the bespoke hydro industry including the use of traditional waterwheels, but to no avail. It’s mass produced imports or nothing as far as this Government is concerned. This whole ‘accreditation’ scheme has been used as a stick to make the ‘small guys’ stand in line or get out. They have even demanded compliance with EU directives that contain exemptions for hydro power! This is ‘Red Tape’ gone mad. I thought after years in the business us pioneers would at least get a pat on the back, not a knife!

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