Hydro Pioneers To Suffer

by Steve on April 7, 2010

New Challenge to small UK businesses

Rupert Armstrong Evans’s comments to the Feed In Tariff article highlight the problems faced by small companies already working in the field of renewable energy.

With a tidal wave of mass produced solar panels about to hit our shores, the UK government is keen to introduce accreditation schemes to register installers and installations.

Companies will need to comply with new EU directives and will incur extra costs and red tape.

Rupert states that  “They have even demanded compliance with EU directives that contain exemptions for hydro power!      This is ‘Red Tape’ gone mad. I thought after years in the business us pioneers would at least get a pat on the back, not a knife!”

It seems that the renewable energy industry is about to undergo a similar ‘compliance and harmonization’ process as we electricians did a few years back.

Get ready for some more training courses and certification.


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Rupert Armstrong Evans April 8, 2010 at 14:49

It’s not the certification and documentation that is the problem, since I do it anyway, it’s the fact that it is a very small industry with only a handful of companies actually making equipment, and those setting up the ‘accreditation process’ haven’t even asked them what they think is appropriate. It will be almost impossible to produce ‘one-off products’ or develop new and improved turbines because these new designs will not qualify for the new ‘Feed-in Tariffs’ so will immediately be at an enormous financial disadvantage.

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