Planetsaver LED Strip Light

by Steve on April 1, 2010


Planetsaver LED Strip Lights

Planetsaver LED Strip Light

Here it comes!

LED technology is creeping forward and becoming commonplace in everyday lighting applications.

These are exciting times in the electrical world.

LEDs are becoming brighter and offering a real Low Energy alternative to Tungsten and Fluorescent Lighting.

The latest Planetsaver  range of LED lamps from DFx Technology are designed as direct replacements for existing T4 300-800mm strip lights.

They come in Cold, Pure & Warm White and should last for around 50,000 hours that’s 20 years normal usage.

DFx’s new range also includes LED replacements for Picture Lights and MR16, GU10 and E27 fittings.

For more info visit the DFx website.

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Mario October 29, 2010 at 04:18

You can even change color now, its called RGB if not check here:

Dallas Electrician April 5, 2010 at 20:29

These LED strips seem like they would be great to use in a home theatre room. You could place them around the ceilings or strategic areas of the floor to make a real nice affect.

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