Olympics Sparks Not Flying

by Steve on June 23, 2010

The Olympics Time-Bomb is Ticking

The government has today announced that £27m is to be cut from the budget of the prestigious 2012 UK Olympics Project. 

This is just as building work starts on the last Olympic Park venue in east London.

The massive nationwide project should be a godsend providing much needed work for UK tradesmen, however it seems that large numbers of foreign workers (including electricians) are being used.

The Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) which is responsible for developing and building new venues and infrastructure will face growing pressure as time runs out. 

Some of our fellow electricians who have worked on the sites report of it being a ‘closed shop’ and of delays similar to the Wembley Stadium project, which over-ran by almost a year.

This is obviously out of the question as far as the Olympic Games are concerned and I expect there will be some overtime available in early 2012.

Read comments from the electrician’s forums.


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