GE Compact RCBO

by Steve on July 30, 2010

Compact RCBOs are here.

Most electricians welcomed the introduction of the RCBO circuit breaker.
But any electrician who has installed any RCBO devices to a new or existing consumer unit will know that it’s not usually an easy job.

The side nearest to the main switch, where the RCBOs would normally be fitted, can become very congested with cabling and a certain amount of re-organising and bending is often required.

Some manufacturers are now increasing the size of their enclosures to allow for the RCBOs but this in itself can cause problems when installing a replacement consumer unit.
Sometimes space may be limited by the size of the mains cupboard or by the proximity of other services and fittings.

But with everything electrical and electronic becoming smaller it was only a matter of time before the same happened to the RCBO.

GE have now introduced a Compact RCBO range.
They are the same size as their standard MCBs and are to BSEN/IEC 61009-1, types B & C from 6A-32A incorporating 30mA rcd / mcb protection.

So the introduction of the GE Compact RCBO is good news for electricians and I’m sure that similar products by other manufactures will soon be available.
Rumour has it that MEM are due to launch their own compact rcbo soon.
Maybe one day RCBOs will even give double pole isolation, or am I asking too much?

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leon rosen September 15, 2010 at 11:50

I can’t find a supplier for the new compact GE RCBO can anyone help .

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