VPhase Press Release August 2010

by Steve on August 26, 2010

VPhase Press Release
11th August 2010

VPhase extends warranty period to 5 years

VPhase is pleased to announce a significant extension to the warranty period for the domestic voltage optimisation device that the company produces. Domestic voltage optimisation delivers immediate and significant money and energy savings across the whole home, without requiring a change in lifestyle or electricity supplier. Now that the device includes a 5 year warranty it truly is a risk free, energy saving investment for UK home owners.

VPhase Marketing Manager, Matt Cody comments “Our customers can now feel confident in purchasing the VPhase voltage optimisation unit knowing that the extended warranty period will cover the typical 3-5 year payback period, making this a risk-free energy efficiency product worth investing in”.

“Significantly reducing CO2 emissions with every installation and instantly saving home owners money off their electricity bills are both very compelling arguments for installing a VPhase,” Matt continues.

The low-cost unit uses proven voltage optimisation technology to reduce the incoming voltage and manage it to a stable level, normally 220V in the UK. The result is considerable reductions to electricity costs, typically in the region of 10% off annual bills; reduced energy waste and lower carbon emissions. It can be easily fitted by a qualified electrician and requires no maintenance.

The VPhase unit is fitted next to the fuse box and operates on socket outlets and lighting circuits where it can maximise savings.  It is best fitted whenever a new fuse box is fitted, as the incremental cost of installation is negligible.

For more information visit www.vphase.co.uk or call 0845 003 8235

For more information, please contact:

Rebecca Gallaway
Marketing Executive, VPhase Plc
Tel: 0151 348 2123
Further information, images, product specifications and installation photos are available on request.


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