Armoured Cable Sheath Not Earthed

by Steve on September 28, 2010

Some things must be seen to be believed!

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Electrical Hazards- Shock Risk

We found this DIY sub-main installation (at lest I hope it was DIY!) recently when replacing an existing consumer unit.

The Steel Wire sheath of this two core armoured cable had not been connected.  The cable glands were too big at one end, and too small at the load end.  As you can see, the installer had clearly run out of ideas as what to do with the armouring.  Not a pretty sight!

Electrical Hazard/ Shock Risk/ SWA not earthed

SWA Cable Sheath Not Earthed

and this was at the other end of the cable.  No earthing at all and a cracked fuse carrier.

Electrical Hazard/ Shock Risk/ SWA not earthed

SWA Sheath not Earthed

Although a new MCB comsumer unit had been installed there was no RCD protection apart for one circuit which did have an RCBO feeding another outhouse and swimming pool. 

The garage that this SWA was supplying and the cable itself had obviously never had an earth connection and gardeners had complained of getting ‘small electric shocks’ from their own equipment. 

An armoured cable installed without the steel wire sheathing being connected to earth can prove to be an electrical hazard and introduce a potential risk of electric shock should the cable be cut or become damaged.

We installed the correct terminations and Insulated Consumer Units at both ends and RCD protection to all circuits.

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