Aurora Recessed Lights for Under Insulation

by Steve on September 16, 2010

Recessed Lighting Heat Problems

Part L of the Building Regulations (Conservation of Fuel & Power) states that thermal insulation must be layed unbroken beween joists above a ceiling.  This means that there is always a conflict of interest between keeping the heat inside a  room and letting out the heat from recessed light fittings.

Traditionally the insulation has been cut around the recessed luminaires (which breaches the thermal insulation) or insulation guards or vented boxes are used between the joists but now Aurora Lighting have another solution.  The Aurora AU-DLM 641 & DLM 643 have an integrated Heat Sink and can be installed into two layers of thermal insulation and accept Halogen, LED and Compact Fluorescent lamps.  They also comply with Part B (fire), Part C (Heat Loss/Moisture Resistance), Part E (Sound) and Part L.  Find out more at the Aurora website.

Aurora DLM641

Of course, some of the new generation of Low Energy lighting products produce far less heat than the much used Halogen lamps, but with insulation materials becoming more efficient it’s good to know that there are products to help us electricians comply with Building Regulations.   Obviously this all adds to the installation costs and the next step  is persuading the customer to pay for them!

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