BS7671 Wiring Regulations

by Steve on September 3, 2010

A quick reference guide to BS7671 IEE Wiring Regulations 17th Edition and On-Site Guide.

Professional Duty
As electricians and electrical engineers we have a professional duty to comply with BS7671 wiring regulations but it doesn’t make the most compelling reading.

Information Overload
Access to information has never been easier but information overload can be a serious problem.

Have you spent too much time searching the BS7671 Regulations to eventually find yourself wondering what is was that you first started out trying to find?

The Big Regs Index
Often the problem is where to look first, but now a solution is at hand.

To save myself time when working on the Electrician’s Blog website I have compiled the Big Regs Index and now you can use it too.  It’s not only an index to the Regs but also links to many relevant articles and posts.

Only subscribers to ElectriciansBlog Updates eNewsletter are able to access my personal Big Regs Index and the Electrician’s Resources Archive.

Simply opt-in using the form in the righthand column to receive your password with your first eNewsletter Update.

It’s great to be an electrician- but it’s not easy!

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