Heat Shrink and Cold Shrink Sleeving

by Steve on September 2, 2010

Heat Shrink and Cold Shrink sleeving and tubing are generally used to provide electrical insulation over cable joints or at wiring termination points. 



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They can also be useful in braided cable installations and can be ideal for covering and protecting cables from sharp edges in electrical control panels and distribution boards.  Clear shrink wrap tubes can also be installed over cable or wire identification markers and labels to prevent them from becoming damaged.

Insulated heat and cold shrink products are ideal for many cable termination applications.  The packs come in the form of a tube or sleeve which slides over the cable joint or termination and creates an even and binding seal. They can also give additional mechanical protection for soldered joints such as those used in the customization of LED strip lighting tapes.

Some shrink sleeve products are designed to form a water resistant seal without the use of heat or additional adhesives.  Water resistant shrink sleeving is normally adhesive lined to prevent water ingress.  End caps or barriers can also be used for sealing off and decommissioning cables.

Heat Shrink
Heat shrink tubing and is especially good at providing a tight fit over irregular shaped objects.

Cold Shrink
Cold Shrink sleeving eliminates the need to use a heat source and specialist tools when connecting or terminating cables.  Some advantages include rapid and consistent installation and high durability over many years.  Installation is fast compared to other methods, with less room for manual error.  Because no heat is used, Cold Shrink is ideal for installation in hazardous areas because no heating tools are required.

Installing Heat Shrink
An important factor when installing Heat or Cold Shinkable tubes is to chose the correct size for the job.  The tube should be 3:1 larger than the size of the termination or cable joint to be covered.  When in place simply heat the tubing gently with a heat gun until it shrinks down to effectively cover the joint.

Installing Cold Shrink
Cold shrink is a rubber sleeve which normally comes pre-stretched over a supporting tubular core.  To install, the tube is pushed over the cable and the core is unwound leaving the Cold shrink in place making a tight even pressured seal.
Watch a demonstration of 3M Cold Shrink.


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Joseph THOMPSON October 21, 2011 at 09:25

I am seeking cold shrink tubing in red for tubing 10mm-15-mm?

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