Plug Into Safety Campaign

by Steve on September 13, 2010

Plug Into Safety Campaign

 The Electrical Safety Council have launched their ‘Plug Into safety Campaign’.  The promotion is aimed at reducing  the number of electrical accidents in the home by encouraging the installation and use of RCDs.

With 13 million UK homes still without adequate RCD protection the ESC intend to spread the word by issuing information packs through selected electrical wholesalers.

Toolkit Packs
Their ‘toolkit for electricians’ packs are designed to help electrical contractors communicate the benefits of RCD protection to their customers. They contain 50 ESC basic safety leaflets and explain to consumers the need for RCD protection in their consumer units.

Each electricians’ pack contains 50 Electrical Safety Council leaflets.  In addition to basic safety messages the leaflets will explain the importance of RCDs and will help customers to understand the benefits of ensuring their consumer unit contains RCD protection.  The packs will also contain blank business cards which electricians can leave with their customers.

Participating electrical wholesalers will include CEF, Rexel, Screwfix, Denmans, Wilts and WF.

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