What Is Twitter?

by Steve on September 16, 2010

Follow us on Twitter.   How it works in brief.
Much the same as subscribing to the ElectriciansBlog eNewsletter but tweets are faster and shorter and can even be linked to a blog’s posts.  To follow this blog simply click the Twitter ‘follow me’ box on the right and then click the ‘follow elecblog’  beneath the little bird.

What is Twitter?

Twitter may be seen as yet another new phenomenon which we are told we all need to enhance our technologically filled lives.  But do we need to twitter and tweet our way through each busy week and do we really need to know who’s tweeting what?  Well maybe not, but used sensibly Twitter can be used to get the up to date information from the sources you trust and reduce the need to sift through many irrelevant emails and get sidetracked in the process.

Once you’ve opened a Twitter account you can find out who’s tweeting and subscribe to their tweets.  For instance if you want to catch David Beckham’s thoughts for today you can visit David Beckham Tweets

Oh well, maybe not such a good example.  David has only made two tweets but he does have 3,300 followers hanging on his every word.  Perhaps he’s busy training and a man of few words has be careful what he tweets (maybe he uses a ghost tweeter). Anyway a better example would be the ElectriciansBlog tweeting machine.

Regular readers of this blog usually subscribe to the ElectriciansBlog eNewsletter and can now also be notified of new blog posts by Twitter.  I have now installed software which automatically tweets new posts and articles so you can visit the website if you see an interesting tweet.  Twitter is a quick info tool whereas the Newsletter contains more information but both link to the ElectriciansBlog website.

For more details on Twitter you can watch this video;


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