CompEx Training Courses for Electricians Working in Hazardous Areas

by Steve on October 31, 2010

CompEx Training for Electricians to comply with ATEX and DSEAR

Recent legislation (ATEX Directive & DSEAR) has made it mandatory for all personnel working in potentially hazardous or explosive areas to receive relevant training and to be deemed competent to do so.
Electricians must be also suitably qualified to comply with the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989.

It may be an advantage to undergo ATEX training and obtain a CompEx certificate if you are applying for jobs or will be working in any of the following environments:

• Petrochemical plants
• Petrol forecourt environments
• Distilleries
• Mills and other dust generating environments
• On and off-shore oil and gas installations

Ignition Sources
Any possibility of working practices or equipment introducing an ignition source into a potentially explosive atmosphere must be avoided and DSEAR safety regulations must be complied with.  This would include holding a current CompEx Training Certificate.

What is CompEx?
CompEx stands for Competence in Explosive Atmospheres.

CompEx Training establishes the principles associated with Intrinsic Safety (IS) and Non-Incendive (fireproof) electrical apparatus in potentially explosive atmospheres.

CompEx is the only nationally recognised qualification for installation, maintenance and inspection of electrical installations in explosive areas.

CompEx Training Courses
The training courses consist of between two to four days of intensive theoretical and practical training.  They are suitable for Crafts persons, Electricians and Electrical Engineers and Technicians who work or oversee work in hazardous areas.  Candidates are required to demonstrate competence via a series of practical tests and pass a written multi-choice test paper.

Experienced Electricians
CompEx courses are open to competent electricians qualified to NVQ Level 3 or equivalent. A good working knowledge of BS7671 and ideally C&G 2380/1. Competent inspection and testing skills i.e. C&G 2391. The ability to terminate both MICC and SWA cable (applicable to EX01 to 06) will be assessed in the practical sections.  Prior knowledge of Terminating Cables in Hazardous Areas would be beneficial.

Working Environments Courses offer training modules to cover the following types of working hazardous environments. Electrical Training and practical assessment is provided for electrical personnel who undertake the physical installation and assembly of new ‘Ex’ equipment and who perform preventive maintenance and inspections on existing equipment in hazardous areas. Dust Training to extend the competence for operatives working on Electrical Apparatus for use in the Presence of Combustible Dusts. Modules Ex 05 & 06. Fuel Filling Stations and Chemicals Safe working practices near combustible fuel and chemicals.  Including identifying and classifying hazardous areas. Modules Ex 07 & 08. Assessment Modules: • EX01 Installation of EEx d,e,n and p Systems LINK • EX02 Inspection and Maintenance of EEx d,e,n and p Systems • EX03 Installation of EEx ia and EEx ib Systems • EX04 Inspection and Maintenance of EEx ia and EEx ib Systems • EX05 Installation of apparatus for use in the presence of combustible dusts • EX06 Inspection and Maintenance of Apparatus for use in the presence of combustible dusts • EX07 Installation and Decommissioning of Electrical Installations at Petrol Filling Stations • EX08 Inspection and Maintenance of Electrical Installations at Petrol Filling Stations Practical Test The CompEx practical exam assesses skills from installing flameproof equipment and terminating cables using Ex glands to connecting emergency stop switches and identifying parts of a control circuit.

CompEx knowledge relevent to electricians working in hazardous areas: • Permit to Work and other documentation • Electrical Isolation • Installation, Maintenance, Inspection and Testing • Area classification and zoning • Gas groups • Temperature classification • Sources of ignition • IP Ratings, cable glands and enclosures  LINK • Marking and Identification • Earthing and Bonding • Zener Barrier LINK • Protection methods • Wiring systems

Other CompEx/ATEX Courses (Offered at some training centres) CompEx Refresher Course A CompEx qualification is only valid for 5 years after which a refresher course can be taken to re-qualify. Exam Only This is only recommended for trained or experienced installers.  It consists of one or two days of theory, practical installation and practical inspection.

Transferable? If you achieve the CompEx qualification whilst working for a company it may not be transferable between employers. It’s worth checking this out with your employer, especially  if you are a sub-contractor and need to work elsewhere in the future.

Electricians Forums Find more info on CompEx from electricians who have already taken the course at ElectriciansForums.

Registration info Find out details of candidate entry requirements and the associated CompEx Certification Process on the CompEX Registration Page.

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