Safety Workwear for Electricians

by Steve on December 8, 2010

Wouldn’t it be great to only do outside work when the sun was shining and not when everything is frozen solid.

If  you’ve had the pleasure of working outside during the current sub-zero temperatures maybe you’re thinking of treating yourself to some new winter kit. 
Dickies Workwear have always been known for exceptional value and their range includes stylish jackets and fleeces which would be ideal for electricians in the winter season.

 In the following article Dave Ackerman from Dickies highlights the benefits of using the correct safety workwear for electricians and it’s not all about Health and Safety!


Dickies Fleece Jacket

5 Benefits of Wearing the Correct Safety Workwear in the Electrical Industry

Any electrical contractor will be familiar with the wide range of health and safety hazards their occupation involves.  An electrician’s safety is compromised all too easily through a lack of proper protective equipment when working with  electricity or dangerous substances.  The right workwear obviously plays a crucial role in the daily safety of electricians; however, there are many other benefits of choosing the correct work clothing and equipment:
1. Overall Confidence  (pun not intended)
A career as an electrical contractor will require you to work in a wide variety of tough conditions. The correct protective clothing, such as snug-fitting workwear trousers and shirts, will help you feel more confident in your daily work and allow you to perform at your peak in this demanding industry.
2. Protective Benefits
Using the right electrician safety equipment from head to toe will help you stay healthy and unaffected by serious injuries throughout your career.
• Hard-wearing trousers and shirts will protect your skin from electrical burns and abrasions.
• As an electrician, your hands are your livelihood and should be protected by rubber insulating gloves, whether working with live wires, high voltage equipment or toxic substances.
• Dressing in protective workwear that includes a pair of energy absorbent, non-metal safety shoes or boots will protect your feet from damage and prevent electrocution.
• A hard hat will protect you from heavy falling objects when working in locations like construction sites, preventing potentially fatal head injuries.
• Your hearing and sight can be preserved by wearing ear plugs in noisy work locations, and wearing safety goggles to shield your eyes from sparks and flying debris.
3. Financial Benefits
Investing in quality electrician’s safety clothing and footwear will help prevent injuries that could end up costing you a fortune in medical expenses, or lead to the loss of valuable clients while you are recovering. Not only that, high quality workwear will last longer, meaning you will spend less money on replacing damaged clothing. Workwear overalls can also be worn over normal workwear for longer-lasting protection.
4. Teamwork and Morale
If you employ a team of electricians, providing them with the right safety gear will show that you care about your employees’ wellbeing and boost morale as well as safety on the job. The use of workwear uniforms can also encourage a sense of teamwork.
5. Promotional Benefits
Dressing in professional workwear sends a clear message about your business; you are committed to performing tasks properly and protecting the safety of your employees. Branded safety gear and workwear uniforms also offer an opportunity to advertise yourself as an electrician and help your team look more professional.
The list above demonstrates the numerous benefits of investing in electrician safety workwear and accessories from reputable manufacturers; these investments will allow you to enjoy a long and successful career with greatly reduced health and safety risks.

Dickies also offer Personalised Workwear which can be embroidered with your company’s name or logo.  More info at Dickies Embroidered Workwear.

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