Lady Electrician Takes On The Boys

by Steve on May 27, 2011

Lisa Evans is a lady electrician working in the Wirral and Merseyside. She has just launched her own electrical business after being inspired by her grandfather at an early age.  Here is her story which should act as an inspiration to other young ‘sparkies’.


Lisa Evans Electrician

Lisa Evans as a Trainee Electrician


Lisa Evans first went to work with her granddad she was just six years old. Now, following in her granddad’s footsteps, Lisa has set up her own electrical company with her own unique approach to helping women and elderly people feel confident when looking for an electrician.

An excited Lisa said, “I knew when I was six I was going to be an electrician. Every Saturday and all though the holidays I helped my granddad. It didn’t go down too well when I went to West Kirby Grammar school when all the other girls wanted to be doctors and lawyers and I wanted to be a ‘spark’!”

Inspired by her granddad, Lisa pursued her passion. She took her aptitude test and managed to get onto the extremely competitive apprenticeship scheme at the Council. Lisa explained, “387 people went for the one job and it was the highest achieved the highest score. My granddad was chuffed to bits.”

She continued, “I completed the apprenticeship, where I helped fix the street lighting, house maintenance, rewires, sewerage stations and completed six months at Vauxhall. Then after a stint in Manchester I came back to Wallasey five years ago. Unfortunately, my granddad became seriously ill last year and I decided that now was the time to start his business back up and make him proud.

“I didn’t know were to start, but a friend put me in touch with Wirral Biz. I completed a business course which included marketing your company, accounts, legal matters and much more. It was really helpful and I’ve been trading for two months and the business is going really well.

Lisa has entered into a hugely competitive market with about 150 electrical companies advertising in Yellow Pages alone. However, Lisa believes she has something different to offer.

She explained, “Through my research, I found that women and the elderly feel more at ease and have more faith in a female electrician. I pride myself on my knowledge, time keeping, honesty, reasonable prices and the condition I leave someone’s house when I have finished the job.

“I could not thank Wirral Biz enough for the support they have given me to follow a dream inspired by my granddad all those years ago. I am so happy I have been able to make my him proud!”

If you would like to contact Lisa you can visit her website G E Electrical.


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Amy Garrick August 17, 2012 at 15:30

That’s pretty delightful!

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