Learning Lounge Electrical- Online Training Modules for Electricians

by Steve on May 18, 2011

Internet learning specialists Learning Lounge have launched an online electrical training website which can be an ideal ‘home study’ solution for both electricians and electrical trainees. Electrician’s Blog readers are able to subscribe to Learning Lounge at a reduced cost by using the BLOGME sign-up code.

Learning Modules

The Learning Lounge is a subscription based website which offers online electrical training modules enabling flexible learning modules for studying away from the classroom. It can be prove useful for busy electricians who need to find out about amendments to the 17th Edition of the Wiring Regulations and have problems making time for attending lectures. It can also be helpful to trainees already studying at college as a way of supplementing and consolidating their knowledge before NVQ or City and Guilds electrical exams. Apart from being able to access course information 24/7, one of the main benefits of learning online is that you can progress at your own pace and re-visit various parts of a module as needed.
The Learning Lounge website contains a wealth of up to date technical material in the form of training videos which are relevant to modern electricians. Some of the modules that I have found particularly useful have been An Introduction to the 17th Edition, Periodic Inspection Reporting and Photovoltaic Systems.

Tests and Exams

Each learning module helps the student consolidate their knowledge using mock exams, quizzes and assessments where required. These tests can also be very useful for targeting areas of revision especially when studying for exams. Each student’s account has a learning record which charts their assessments and progress.

Learning Lounge are also producers of a range of technical and training videos used by training groups and lecturers. These can be purchased on DVD.

Further information about Learning Lounge Electrical Online Training for electricians.

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