Solar Water Heating Systems

by Steve on May 22, 2011

Because I am often asked by my customers if Solar Water Heating really works I felt that I could only give an honest appraisal by installing it in my own home.  I looked into several types of Thermal Solar Panels and finally settled on a tubular Paradigma system designed in Germany for use in Northern European climate.  The solar system can work in conjunction with an existing central heating set-up by supplementing and reducing the demand on the boiler.

Solar Evacuated Tube Collector Panel

Solar Evacuated Tube Collector Panel

Thermal Solar Collectors
Thermal Evacuated Tube Solar Collector Panels operate not just in direct sunlight but also by using direct solar radiation, so they can even work on cloudy days.  Some less efficient solar water heating panels are only productive in direct sunlight. On cloudy days the solar system pre-heats cold water to assist the boiler and to be honest on a sunny day our hot water comes from the tap at a much higher temperature than when using the boiler alone.

A good Solar System?
Our solar water system does all we expected it to and I am very pleased with it.  Although it will take several years to recoup the cost we consider it to be a good investment. We save on fuel, reduce CO2 and gas bills and also help extend the life of our boiler. In these days of eco friendly strategies a ‘green’ energy system can also be an attractive feature when it comes to selling a home. Our system was installed by Ideal Solar.  A very professional and well organised company and we are pleased to recommend them.

More Heating By Solar Information
I have created a website to help spread the word and explain more about Solar Water Heating.  There is also information of how you can request a free survey to see if your own home is suitable for Solar. You can use this link to visit the Heating By Solar website.

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