Renewable Energy Training Courses at Central Sussex College

by Steve on September 18, 2011

The well known and much respected electrical author Chris Kitcher has been busy setting up a new Renewables Training Centre in Sussex. The centre sounds a great place to learn from the Solar PV experts and even when the initial offer is finished it will still be worth checking out Central Sussex College.

Limited Offer– 5 Day Solar PV C&G Courses for Less Than £300

To cope with the demand from electricians wishing to train and obtain qualifications in the new PV Renewable Energy Sector, Chris and Central Sussex College have set up a Renewables Training Centre in Burgess Hill.

They are offering the first 100 sign-ups to their City & Guilds Solar PV courses for less than £300. This is a very good deal even if you’re not local to the college. For electricians from anywhere in the UK who are considering taking PV qualifications it may even be worth commuting or boarding locally to take advantage of this offer.

The City and Guilds renewable energy courses will consist of Solar PV training modules:
C&G 2399-01 Fundamental Principles and Requirements of Renewable Technology Systems
C&G 2399-11 Installation of Small Scale Solar Photovoltaic Systems and
C&G 2399-12 Installation and Maintenance of Solar Photovoltaic Systems.

Electricians Only

There are some conditions, the main one being that candidates must be electricians with formal electrical qualifications, Part P will not be enough.

The course will be over 5 consecutive days with 3 online exams. Chris doesn’t believe that good training on a practical subject can be provided to large groups so classes will be limited to a maximum of 7.

If you’re interested don’t delay because I’m sure that the courses will soon be fully booked.

For more info visit the Central Sussex College website.

The Best Training

This new Renewables Training Centre sounds a great place to learn from the experts and come away with a C&G renewables qualification. Even when this initial offer is finished it will still be worth checking out Central Sussex College. Learning in small groups certainly has its benefits and if Chris Kitcher’s books are anything to go by I’d definately recommend his training methods.


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Steve November 19, 2011 at 21:25

An Update email from Chris Kitcher-

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the interest, we are still offering the courses at a discount for a little longer and I have now decided to trial the course over 10 evenings. As an ex self employed sparks I know the problems associated with having a week off, not to mention the loss of earnings.

I am offering one evening a week at first to see how it goes, once I have sounded people out I may do two or three evenings to speed the process up. I bet you are thinking “the sun does not shine at night so how can the testing be carried out”. Having run a few courses now it is quite clear that the sun never shines when you need it so I have devised a method of simulating the d.c which we would expect from the panels, this allows us to carry out the testing when we want to and it is much more reliable than the sun. As for measuring the irradiance! Well that’s all done with smoke and mirrors Ha Ha!!

We also have the City & Guilds solar thermal courses up and running now and are just waiting for our heat pump accreditation. Next will be rainwater harvesting and grey water harvesting so lots going on here.

Hope you are keeping well mate and that your blog continues to grow.

Kindest regards


Steve November 19, 2011 at 21:11

Feedback on the course from forum member MyDigitalHome-

Just been on the C&G 2399 course this week with Chris Kitcher at Central Sussex College all thanks to this site. I would never of known about it as the college is bad at advertising it superb facilities. Tutors are very knowledgeable and makes great value for money. Certainly worth travelling 2.5 hours for. Travelodge for £100 still worked out half the price of my local college and they are still only offering the old course. Most importantly passed today ! So anyone want help in installing PV in Norwich area please let me know.

Steve October 2, 2011 at 10:10

Yes it’s a great offer.
A saving of £430 can’t be bad! Hope the course goes well.
Keep in touch.

Steve October 2, 2011 at 10:09

Comment from forum member- mydigitalhome
Thank you very much for your suggestion at Sussex College I have just booked with them and all looks good so far. I will keep you posted as to how I get on. Great saving £720.00 at local college so to get this for £290.00 is great.

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