WagoBox-Light JB Review

by Steve on September 7, 2011

This article gives a review of the new Wagobox-Light including a demo video from its inventor Ray Brewer.  The box’s main purpose is for recessed lighting connection applications but it can be very useful as a general purpose interior enclosure for housing Wago and other connector blocks.  I give my review conclusion at the end.


Wagobox-Light Review

Connexbox have announced their new design Wagobox-Light junction box which are available from the Wagobox website (see below).   They can be a useful alternative to traditional JBs as they give cable clamp options and flexibility in the number of terminals installed depending on the job you’re using them for.  One of their key features is that the terminal blocks can be pushed into the box after the connections have been made.


Wagobox Lighting Connectors

They are designed specifically for use with Wago 222 (Cage Clamp/Lever Nut), 224 (Inline) or 773 (Push-fit)  up to 8 way/24 amp terminal blocks , but could also be used as an enclosure to accommodate strip (choc block) connectors or other suitable electrical joints.

Recessed Downlights


Wagobox-Lighting Junction Box

Wagoboxes can make life easier for electricians carrying out the wiring and connecting of recessed down lights.  Once you’ve become familiar with how much of each core and insulation to strip back they can save time on installation.  They’re ideal for connecting 1mm and 1.5mm flat twin and earth cables to the flex of a LV transformer or LED driver using Wago 224 inline terminals or 222 blocks.  The snap-on lid also means no messing with screws and they fit easily through a recessed light cut-out.

Mounting Buttons

For faster fixing and removal the boxes have sliding action mounting points so they can easily fixed to a surface using the optional ‘Mounting Buttons’.  These are sold separately but it’s worth having some spare to make securing the box easier after completing the connections.  The alternative would be simply to screw through the back of the box before fitting the cover.

Other product info:

The 3 option/re-positional cable clamps or grippers can accept and secure cables up to 8mm in diameter.

BS EN60670-22 Compliant (only with Wago connectors) and is IP2X rated.
Current rating Up to 24A
Voltage rating 400V / 4KV

Check out prices and find more info about Wagobox-Light at the Wagobox website.

Watch the Wagobox and Wago pushwire terminal connectors demo video.

Wagobox-Light Review Conclusion

ElecBlog Rating 9/10.  I think Wagoboxes offer a very good solution to the long standing problem of how to make fast, reliable and enclosed connections which comply with current regulations.  I use them regularly together with Wageo terminals. I’ve got a contractors kit of Wagos on the van and they’ve got me out of trouble lots of times when I’ve needed to terminate up to 8 CPCs or neutrals for controls or at switches.  Wago connectors also rate as maintenance free so are good for joints that won’t be accessible after installation.  I mainly use the Wagobox-Light (as shown above) for recessed lighting as they are quicker with no screwing required.  It takes a bit of practice to get used to cutting the cores to the correct length but once you’ve mastered that I think they work out the same or cheaper than normal JBs with the time saving.

A few words from the Wagobox inventor about using other connector types:

I noticed you talked about using the boxes with other connector types and I just wanted to check you realised that it is with the combination of the the box and the appropriate Wago connectors that it is BS EN60670-22 Compliant.
We had to have the boxes tested with the connectors in situ to meet this requirement. The differing quality of some the other connectors available on the market means that they will not all meet that specific standard. Of course this does prevent the use of other connectors types in the box.


Please feel free tell us what you think about Wagos and Wagoboxes by leaving your comments or a review below.

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