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by Steve on October 27, 2011

Blog Comments & Ratings
Your opinions, suggestions and ratings are always welcome on the blog. Giving your comments or using the Google ‘+1’ and FaceBook ‘Like’ ratings buttons (at the bottom of each page) are easy ways to share your own views about an article. Your feedback is vital to keep the blog alive and help me create relevant content.

Websites and blogs are now becoming more dependent on their readers recommendations to achieve good rankings with search engines such as Google. When you type your search keywords into your web browser you are now more likely to be shown search results that have been ‘rated’ or ‘liked’ by previous visitors. These websites tend to get priority in the search rankings and appear at the top of search listing so any ‘Rating’ or ‘Liking’ you give will be always gratefully recieved by the website owner. As a visitor it can be your way of saying “Thanks, that was useful, keep up the good work!”

There are several ways that Google wants visitors to rate websites such as the Plus One ‘+1’ and the FaceBook ‘Like’ buttons found at the bottom of this page. You will find these buttons on various websites as you surf the internet and they will also display a count of how many clicks they have received in the past.

To give a ‘+1’ rating you’ll need to be logged into your Google account and for the ‘Like’ you’ll need a FaceBook account.

Google and FaceBook Accounts

If you don’t have an account you’ll be able to set one up when you click on one of the buttons.

Setting up accounts is easy and a Google Mail or Gmail address gives you loads of email capacity and lots of features.
A FaceBook account is also fairly simple to set up and you don’t need to tell the world everthing about your life. A FaceBook Page could be used to showcase your work to your customers or link to pages anywhere else on the internet such as your business website. It gives companies an additional online presence and can be even be used as free alternative to having an expensive website.

Recommending and Rating Electrician’s Blog

It’s now easy to help raise the profile of any article you may find useful by using the FaceBook ‘Like’ (thumbs up) button at the bottom of each item. When you’ve left a blog comment you can spread the word and increase the chances of getting a reply by recommending and liking page of a website. On this website it could help generate more responses from the Looking for Work and Jobs sections.

It would be great to get lots of recommends and likes on the Electrician’s Blog Home Page as this is the first point of reference in many online directories : https://www.electriciansblog.co.uk/ but feel free to rate any articles you feel worthy.

I hope you’ve found this post useful and as always, your comments (and recommendations) are welcome.

Thanks for reading-  Steve

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