The Fluke T5-1000 and T5-600 Electrician’s Testers

by Steve on October 27, 2011

This article gives an overview of the Fluke T5 series of electrician’s testers. The T5-1000 and T5-600 are great all in one electrical testing solution for measuring voltage, current and resistance. You can watch the Fluke demo video below and if you’ve already used one you can give your opinion or review here.


Fluke T5 1000 Electrical Tester

Ease of Use 

Select volts, ohms or current and the instrument automatically selects the range. Model T5-600 measures 600 volts AC/DC and the T5-1000 ranges to 1000 volts and resistance up to 1,000 ohms

Electrical current readings of up to 100 amps can be taken without breaking a circuit and open jaw current measurement means there is no need to clamp around a cable. This can make it safer and easier than regular clamp meters when measuring current loadings in restricted spaces such as electrical distribution panels or ducts and trunking.

Rough and Ready

Fluke claim that the T5 electrician’s tester can withstand a 10ft drop and there is an optional holster and belt clip and to store the test probes and leads.

Fluke T5 Series Overview

  • Digital Display
  • Easy and accurate open jaw current measurement
  • Continuity Sounder
  • Automatically measures AC and DC volts
  • Available in 600 and 1000 volt models
  • Displays resistance up to 1000 ohms
  • Compact design with probe storage
  • Will take a 10-foot (3m) drop
  • Detachable Probe Tips
  • Test leads accept Fluke accessory electrical test clips
  • Can stay connected much longer than solenoid type tester
  • Auto off mode to conserve battery life
  • Optional belt clip holster and test lead storage

Fluke T5 1000 Electrical Test Meter Video


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