Video- How Does An Electric Motor Work?

by Editor on November 3, 2011

Here’s a very informative video about how an 3 Phase Electric Motor works.

The Rotor is a solid cylinder that sits inside the Stator.

It has a series of highly conductive aluminium rods embedded in its surface.

The Stator simulates motion when electricity flows in the pairs of copper coils. The Stator switches the coils on in a sequence creating a rotating magnetic field.

They are like ghost magnets turning on and off rapidly and rotating at 30 turns per second or 1800 RPM (Revolutions Per Minute).

Each time electricity runs through a pair of coils it also induces an electric current in the Rotor. The current in some of the Rotor’s aluminium rods passes through the magnetic field and the force of the magnet field pushes the current in the rods away at a right angle to the field. This turns the Rotor.

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