Video- What Is An RCD?

by Editor on November 3, 2011

An RCD (Residual Current Device) constantly monitors the electrical power passing through it.

An RCD or RCBO or ELCB is designed to cut off the supply within 40 milli seconds when an earth fault current (residual) is detected. Where a 30 milli Amp tripping RCD is used on a 240 volt supply, this is fast enough to prevent a fatal electric shock.
Typical scenarios for an earth fault to occur would be when the electrical wiring in an installation or to an appliance is damaged, becomes loose or gets wet. This could cause the live parts of the circuit to leak across or connect to earth (residual) and create a danger of electrocution should anyone come into contact with it.

Because an RCD device would be monitoring for any leakage or residual current it would trip.

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