UK Electricians Jobs- Renewables and Energy Saving Work for Electrical Contractors

by Steve on December 2, 2011

The ECA has urged electricians across the country to ‘Gear Up’ and obtain the additional ‘know how’ they need to install and maintain ‘low to no carbon’ energy solutions.

The renewables and energy sector is set to become a major source of jobs for electrical contractors. Electricians are at the forefront of the Eco Renewables revolution and those undertaking training and gaining experience in low energy and energy saving solutions will be best placed to take advantage of the growing market.


Energy Efficient House

Opportunities Highlighted

The ECA represents the interests of 3,000 member companies involved in electrical installation work and the Head of Safety and Environment Paul Reeve says: “Initiatives such as the Feed-in Tariff and the forthcoming Green Deal are boosting customer interest in installing ‘low to no’ carbon measures but first and foremost, these customers want to stave off rising energy bills. Electrical contractors who can install energy saving measures, and clearly show the paybacks to the customer, will find the door is open for new business.”

Existing Skills

Reeve continues: “The good news is that competent electrical contractors already have most of the skills to deliver energy saving solutions, so what they need is ‘upskilling’ or training rather than learning an entirely new skill set”. He adds that the ECA already offers support to contractors looking to make the most of low energy and ‘no carbon’ technologies. “The ECA has developed energy efficiency and renewables checklists for both commercial and domestic applications, plus guidance on how to present payback times” says Reeve. “Contractors with the right skills can use these to quickly identify ways to reduce customers’ bills.” To help electrical contractors, the ECA has identified ten leading electrical technologies for delivering energy and carbon savings:

  1. Occupancy and daylight sensors
  2. Replacement low energy luminaires/lamps
  3. Dimming circuits
  4. Smart metering and energy control
  5. Power Factor Correction (commercial customers) 6.Variable speed drives (commercial)
  6. Voltage reduction/voltage optimisation
  7. Local equipment timers/energy saving modes
  8. Air source heat pumps
  9. Solar PV/Photovoltaic arrays.

The need for Improved Energy Performance Renewable technologies will create work and jobs for electricians. Home and business owners are becoming aware of the need to conserve energy and reduce running costs. This mindset will create a demand for electricians who are able to offer practical advice and carry out the installation and maintenance.

Reeve says: “These measures make a real difference to energy performance, yet too many homeowners and businesses are unaware of how much they reduce energy bills. Some domestic Solar PV systems are generating income and savings worth £1200 a year, with a payback as low as eight years, after which the customer will swing into long-term profit. Meanwhile, smart lighting controls can reduce energy use by over 20 per cent in an average kitchen and pay for themselves in three years – less if we factor in increasing energy costs. Improved LED technology could soon push this payback period to nearer a year. Contractors who engage with these technologies, and the commercial case for installing them, will put themselves in pole position for providing energy solutions to customers.”

Reeve concludes: “Over the next decade, these ‘top 10’ technologies are going to have a big impact as the Green Deal, Carbon Reduction Commitment and other drivers make it cost effective from homeowners and businesses to install them. Electricians should be in no doubt – there is a big opportunity, but we need to pick it up and run with it or someone else will. ECA is actively supporting its members help them become the providers of choice for energy solutions in both the commercial and domestic sectors”.

Energy saving and renewables offer new opportunites for work and jobs for electricians. The future of your electrical business or career will no doubt depend on how you embrace this exciting new challenge.

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