Smart Meters- Intelligent metering systems

by Editor on January 29, 2012

Smart Meters are due to be installed in most UK homes. Will this be all good news for consumers?  Will it create work for electricians?

Are Smart Meters a Good Idea?

Under European Directives, all member states are required to install ‘intelligent metering systems’ – smart meters – to at least 80% of domestic electricity consumers by 2020. The UK Government has opted for a more challenging programme, with plans for energy suppliers to install smart electricity and gas meters in all homes and smaller non-domestic premises in Great Britain by 2019.

Smart Meters

The Commons Public Accounts Committee has published its 63rd Report of the Session, on the basis on evidence from the Department for Energy and Climate Change, Citizens Advice, Which?, and EDF Energy. Margaret Hodge MP said: “The idea of smart electricity and gas meters is a good one, but the programme to install 53 million of them in all homes and small businesses in the country by 2019, is challenging and subject to uncertainty.”

Rt. Hon. Margaret Hodge MP (pictured), Chair of the Committee of Public Accounts, went on to say: “Consumers will benefit from smart meters only if they understand the opportunity to reduce their energy bills and change their behaviour. So far the evidence on whether they will do so has been inconclusive. Otherwise, the only people who will benefit are the energy suppliers.

“Consumers will have to pay suppliers for the costs of installing and operating smart meters through their energy bills and no transparent mechanism presently exists for ensuring savings to the supplier are passed on. The track record of energy companies to date does not inspire confidence that this will happen.

“The Government is relying on competition in the market to drive down prices. But, as has been previously reported by Ofgem, the energy market does not currently operate as an effective competitive market.

“The Department should clearly set out what energy suppliers’ responsibilities will be for engaging with consumers to deliver the benefits of smart meters; and how they will be held accountable to both the Department and consumers”.

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Editor August 7, 2012 at 04:04

Hi Steve

Thanks for the update, I was interested in the smart meters, but the powers that be have missed one most important feature to be included in it. A switch that will let you turn OFF the supply to the board. As we all know when changing a fuse board the main intake fuse has to be removed.

We all know that one should not do this but if we did not do it and have to wait for the local supply company to do it No fuse boards would ever be changed.

Imaging this situation make an appointment with the board in the morning for 9am, they turn up at 11am, finish the job ???? When does the board return that day the following day , next week ????.

Just a bit of common sense is needed, but as we know in our industry that is decidedly lacking, and I am lead to believe that government ministers have block this proposal

Happy days
David Elgood

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