A Practical Guide to Renewable Energy by Chris Kitcher- Review

by Editor on February 9, 2012

Renewable Energy Systems

Chris Kitcher
Chris Kitcher is both an experienced electrician and a lecturer in electrical installation  with a passion for his subject.  Chris has a great way of cutting through the jargon and uses his skills and knowledge to explain the sometimes confusing terminology and technical aspects of electrical work.

Practical Guide To Renewable Energy Book

Practical Guide To Renewable Energy Book

A Practical Guide to Renewable Energy: Power Systems and their Installation

Chris’s Practical Guide to Renewable Energy will prove to be an excellent source of information for both students and experienced electricians. It provides an overview of the most commonly found renewable energy systems as well as more detailed information and guidance for installation and testing.

Here’s some of the information on renewable energy systems covered in the book:

Solar Photovoltaiac Systems
Different types of PV cells, modules, panels and how to connect them. Installation requirements for types of PV systems, siting of the inverter and connection to the electrical supply grid.
Array testing and commissioning including DC, AC and insulation tests.

Solar Thermal / Water Heating
Types of collector like Flat Plate and Evacuated Tube panels with details of how they work.
Descriptions of the methods of heat transfer and pipework / plumbing systems used such as Drainback, Sealed / Vented and Unvented solar systems.
This section also covers safety devices, controls and flushing, filling & topping up the solar fluid or glycol.

Domestic Wind Turbines
Explainations and viability of Microgeneration and the Small Scale Generation of electricity including wind speed assessment for proposed wind turbine sites.
Planning permission, types of mast and errection methods.
Information about AC and DC Turbines, Rectifiers, electrical connections, Earth Electrodes and means of isolation.
Testing and commissioning including various visual inspections and methods of connection to the supply source.

Heat Pumps
The Basic principles of Air to Water and Ground Source Heat Pumps. Types of collectors- Horizontal Trench, Lake, Canal and Well. Direct Circulation Systems.

A CHP unit could be used as a direct replacement for a conventional domestic boiler.  Chris describes Combined Heat and Power and micro CHP units as an efficient method of providing heat and power. He also gives an in depth explaination about Stirling Engines which can be used to generate electricity using the heat produced by a boiler.

Readers will be able to access a free companion website where they will find related videos, questions and answers and links to further information about renewable energy.

Check out the book:

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Karean Joseph June 13, 2012 at 14:19

Dear Sir/Madam,
I would be please to read and purchase books on Renewable Energy and thanks for the practical Guide to Reneweable Energy by Christopher Kitcher, as this will be one book i will be looking forward to purchase.


Karean Joseph

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